Dear All,

Here I am your blogger ~ “Gouri”

Do not get confused with my name, this has been affectionately credited to me by my childhood friends. So I decided to keep this one for my writing signatures  to keep all  of them alive within my heart

By Profession I am an hotelier and is in business of happiness and it’s really a tough task.

I would not say that I picked up writing as my interest in early days, but yes I was an avid thinker and always used to pen down whatever use to struck my mind. only because of this habit of picking up any random thread I was able to keep myself not confined to any set prism and style of writing. I write whatever I like.

My specialization is in Hindi poems, and most of them you would find related to current happenings. Dushyant Kumar and Ramdhari singh Dinkar are my favorite poets

Its a humble request from all of you who visits my page to give like only after reading the full story. 

Happy Reading!!! Keep Me encouraging !! and do point out any mistake for any necessary correction.


Gouri, Gourav Anand

Author ~ Shabd Ragini

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