Don’t be selective – #JusticeForGeeta

Pardon friends, today what I am going to write would not be acceptable to many, but that’s not an issue, it’s totally fair in our democracy. But believe me, we all have become a sort of hypocrite just like our netizens, sold media and spineless cinemawalas. Day by day we are getting selective, even in our outrages and demand for justice.

Just few days back entire social media, print media, electronic media, facebook timeline, twitter was flooded with articles related to kathua incident. And in mean time, taking advantage of this situation, some fringe elements left no stone unturned in demeaning hinduism and santan dharma! I was shocked, really really shocked at the manner in which my religion was demeaned, it’s now beyond damage control.

Bollywood Divas were also the first ones who tried to get benifit of this situation. They were the ones who started felling ashamed in being Hindustani. Mark my words, they might have barely used word “Bharat” in place of “India” in their entire life and suddenly they got an amazing idea that we should try Hindustan, Just because “Hindu” word is in it.

An innocent girl was raped, murdered it was one of the henious crime and every citizen of India has a right to ask for justice in regards to that poor child, but would that happen at cost of targeting my sanatan dharma?

Now a strange situation has emerged, a girl who was also only 11 years old, was raped inside a madarsa, here I am supposed to not bring the name of religion involved, because it might offend them. (means my hinduism can be easily vilified, derrogated but I need to be very careful for them).

So my question is, where are those sickular gang, libtards and placard walas. Why are they silent now? Why there lips are zipped? Ohh I guess, it doesn’t suits there agenda, right?

Now it’s upon us that we should contemplate what kind of hidden and nefarious agenda is going on in this country by dividing and demeaning hinduism. My mother land was divided just because we were not able to safeguard ourselves from those barbaric invaders a thousand year ago, and that process is still in progress.

And dont forget to notice the difference in the approach and mindset.. this picture tells a horrible truth..

“रेपिस्ट से गीता भाभी की शादी करवा दो” – Depraved mentality.

Wake up before it’s too late.

Author: Gouri (Gourav Anand)

शब्दों को जोड़ तोड़ कर अपने मन में आये हुए विचारों को लिख डालता हूँ। कोई पेशेवर या उच्च कोटि का कवि या लेखक तो नहीं, हाँ पर साहित्यिक और ऐतिहासिक विचारों से प्रेरित जरुर हूँ। Native of silk city Bhagalpur and feel proud to be from a state which is well known for its historical, political and literary significance. By profession a housekeeper and hotelier, Graduated from IHM Pusa, New Delhi. Apart from Hindi and English well fluent in Urdu, Sanskrit and Maithli. Settled in cleanest city of India. Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

18 thoughts on “Don’t be selective – #JusticeForGeeta”

  1. This kind of things actually describe how mean and cheap humans are going on to be, however it is for sure that religion has nothing to with the personality and character of an individual. When there was that Kathua case, it was because of some nefarious people, those who blame the religion are even more dumb and stupid. And the same happened here but with an interchange of religions, would they like to say the same? Do they have the guts to blame the religion now? Such mean people are so dumb heads I really wish to give a blow on their ginger like abnormal faces. Now i hope that those silly minds will feed a little knowledge to their brain instead of grass! Stupids are all around here.

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    1. Right Nandita. The brains of those people are struck between religious walls… I mean how can someone be so fickel minded?? And God alone knows how far will this continue to… Maybe till they start to understand the real meaning of their so called Religion🙁🙁

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    2. Well said Gouri ji….& Absolutely right Nandita ji. Today any issue is being suppressed under the caste and religion. The guilty should meet the guilty because the criminal does not have any caste and religion. So we should not vote for him from the caste and religion.

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  2. In The Beginning ,In Kathua There Was an Approach of Media and Politicians,That Hang The Hindus ,Hindus are Rapists The Ashamed Hashtag Was Trending, Hindus Feeld Ashamed,But Now The Same Kind Of Crime,Same Kind Of Victim, Only Thing Which Differs Is Religion,and No Outrage,No Hashtags,No Dirty Dick Pictures Of God, Nobody Is Ashamed,Even Some Fanatics Wanted The Victim To Get Married To The Rapists,The Word ‘Bhabhi’ was Used For a 10 Year Old Kid,
    So If Somebody Says That it’s Not Religious Then, To Hell With It,Does
    Daughters Of Hindus Don’t Have any Honour,Their gods Are Rapists? Geeta Was a Daughter So Was Asifa,But This Shitty Approach Rape Their Souls also

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    1. I had thought that I would not reply to any feedback received on this post. But friend thanks for putting some facts which I had missed to mention in my post.
      Therefore I have edited my post and have included one more pic.
      That pic says it all . Level of there mentality and thought process and everyone need to open there eyes.
      What Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb means for them.

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  3. Due to the advent and rise of Social Media, one thing has clearly emerged that the general mass is no longer ready to accept the vested narratives of the Big Media houses. They now can have the information from multiple resources and can frame their idea based on those information.
    Interesting Time!

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  4. Rape is one of the most heinous crimes. It actually knows no religion or ethics. As for the Kathua case, there are always some people in every religion who are fanatics or truly bad to do such heinous crimes and religion should never be judged by that and it’s certainly acceptable. The main problem lies in the part when Hindu people pull out a rally saying, because the rapists were Hindu, they should be set free. That’s what angers the society. Such people are not to be “saved” just because they belong to a particular sect or religion. Why should religion support such terrible people?


    1. The people of Jammu mainly advocates and three ruling party MLA whom you referred as hindus who pull out a rally to save the rapist.. proved a totally wrong narrative which was set by highly leftist propagandist media houses.
      They pull out a rally just in demand for a CBI inquiry into this case. The situation was intense and people their in Jammu had no faith in state government enquiry which was in control from srinagar, and in this democratic country every one has right to put forward their demand for fair enquiry! How then they became pro rapists.. it was a narrative which was set and fed deliberately.


      1. Not every media and newspaper article can fake a report. Most importantly, why did our Prime Minister rusticated the ministers who were supporting ‘Hindu Ekta Manch’ and gave speeches over there? If they were just asking for a CBI inquiry, our Prime Minister would have never taken such a harsh decision.
        Leftist propagandists? Like seriously? Right to speech doesn’t mean you can put totally “illogical” blames on anybody. These propagandists as you call them are the ones who are putting forward revolutionary ideas to the country. Our country requires youth to stand up for human rights irrespective of the religion that they belong to. Not all Hindus are fanatics. We’ve lived together in harmony. Supporting evil just for religion’s sake is a dirty crime as well.


      2. What leftist have done and what is there status worldwide is a well known fact.. where west bengal in india stands now is there everyone to see. What they are doing in JNU and other universities is not hidden.. Revolutionary ideas??? Seriously !! Laughable is this logic .. how revolutionary they are it was well accepted when Russia and china itself ditched this leftist idea.
        Now come to the fact why BJP minister were rusticated.. first of all they were not expelled and it’s the same tactics as how to slow down an ongoing protest.. why are you only naming BJP and ministers.. high court advocates and common citizens were also there protesting.
        What happened in lucknow passport issue of tanvi seth, haven’t you seen that.. governments in India whether it’s congress or BJP they are always in a too much haste for minority favouritism politics.


      3. Second thing I have only asked in this post about dual standards.. I never said or expressed my views here that justice in kathua case should not get delivered.
        My views and demand is that feel the same pain be it geeta or Asifa.. and now to add to this list is of mandsaur girl as well!


      4. And what are capitalists doing? Has UP or Maharashtra progressed in true sense? Mumbai is the financial capital, do you know that it has the largest slum in Asia? Capitalism is anyways not the choice either because it promotes to corruption and exploits the poor. Whether they were expelled from party or from their post, the fact still remains that they were rusticated and nobody is allowed to do that without any proof or authenticity. Isn’t that so obvious?
        Anyways, I was saying the same thing. Common people were supporting the rapists just because they were Hindu. And that’s wrong.
        This doesn’t at all mean that the religion is to be blamed.
        Every religion in India has taught tolerance towards other religions and Humanity to be given the most importance. Maybe the religion that they claim to follow is not according to the Vedas and Puranas but something utterly opposite.


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