Thank You Note ~ 03 (Follows & Likes)

Hey all!! Namaste!! How all of you are doing 😊😊😊. Hope enjoying every spectrum of life.

(Bhaio beheno aa gaye hai apke jujharoo karmath aur karm yogi neta Gourav bhaiya. Aapna beshkimti vote dekar…~ Gouri)

Shut Up!! Gouri!! Do you wanna start the fourth battle of panipat right now!!

(Ok Ok peace , you want onion flavoured chips, munch munch, burpp..😄😄😄~Gouri) 

No thanks!! Enjoy  😏😏 kabhi padhai likhai bhi kar liya kar, har waqt chabar chabar, Moti…

(Mummy bhai ne mujhe moti bola.. 😈😈.Anhhh..Hate you..😈😈)

And a flying cushion at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour just flew by my ears barely escaping me with few inches. Now I am alone in drawing room at peace !!😎😎

So where was I.. yupp in a conversation with my wordpress family. it’s just one month and few days that I have been active here, Although I registered my self on wordpress in year 2009, but my account was just lying dormant. It was just a spark of moment which compelled me to come back here, you can say I had enough of facebook and Twitter. But now I can say that it was one of the wisest decision I have taken in my life.

(Woooo.. it wasn’t yours, I suggested for it so just pass on the credit to me as well ~ Gouri)

You again came back to trouble me! Just sit tight there no sound.


With just 32 posts on board, you all have showered me with countless praises and likes. Just one day back WordPress notified me that I have received 1337 likes and have also got 200 follows.

(Half of them just because of me~ Gouri)

Ok ok thoughts- Gouri, Words- Gourav, Now happy. Just keep quiet!

(😘😘😘😄😄 ~ Gouri)

So thanks to all of you again, for being a part of my WordPress family. I really met some amazing bloggers over here. They all are so versatile. I want to thank those special ones  who constantly keep in touch with me on my posts. Thanks to them also who just believe in giving fly likes, you also add on, I know it’s a busy life for everyone. 

Please keep on showing the same support in future as well, and make this blog SHABD RAGINI happening.

Rhythmic Wave of Words ~ Shabd Ragini

~ Gourav & Gouri

Random Thoughts 01~ Language Phobia!

Pallivaalu bhadravattakam, Kayyilentum tampuratti, Nallcchante tirumumpi chennu kali, Kali thudangi anganangane”

If you are a die hard fan of mash up songs, this one must have already amused your eardrums!! I thanks Vidya Iyer (vidya vox) for that. Reason of mentioning her, I would tell you later.

As you all must be aware that Right now our country is going through a new kind of Phobia and that’s the fear of languages. What happened in Karnataka and Tamilnadu few days back in name of Hindi protest, is well known to every one. Now a new chapter has been added to it after Hindi lovers walked out from A.R Rehman concert. So why this fuss and anger in name of language? I came across feedbacks and heated arguments on various social media platforms, where we Indians were pitched against each other for sake of language. Everyone was literally abusing and calling names. Isn’t it’s a sad picture for our multicultural, multilingual, and vibrant nation. God knows better!

So a random thought was reoccurring time again in my mind and I thought of writing it down.

I think India is a unique country where people not by choice learn at least two Indian languages. (In my case Hindi and sanskrit) and that too along with a foreign language English, which is now more Indian, rather than be a language of Britishers. When it comes to South Indian States, situation is more worse, they have to bear the pain of Hindi which sounds alien to them. It sounds same as we  rest of India reacts to any South Indian languages. I am saying “rest of India” because we all, except four South Indian States keeps a more relaxing attitude towards those regional languages which has its root in sanskrit and has evolved from it. 

But I would love to say that my fellow south Indians are more humble and generous than us. They went through a kind of mental trauma and learned at least basics of Hindi. Putting my self in same shoes I just can’t imagine myself being forced to learn Tamil. We need to respect their linguistic diversity and should always try not to, impose any thing against their will. If Hindi is the need of hour than it should come with choice not by force.

I also keeps an opinion that, ok english is fine because Its a necessary thread to keep all the multilingual voices of this country bonded together. But why not develop an Indian language as well to be a common binding factor. Can’t we take pride in calling any one Indian language out of 22 official languages as a representative of India on international forums?

Now here comes the number game as we are in a democratic country we should keep the majoritorian factor also in mind. Imposing any other regional language on Hindi speakers would be an absurd idea and again asking South Indian States citizens to be a fluent narrator or speaker of Hindi would be more than absurd. But a win win situation is, to expect from South Indians to not get offended by just seeing a sign board where Hindi is written along with their regional language that too with English. Believe me no one is imposing it on you and it’s not going to destroy your local lingua franca. If it would have been a case, Maithli, Rajasthani, Gujrati, haryanvi, bhojpuri and chhattisgarhi would have been vanished. They are fully thriving and have also created their own identity although some of them do lie in Hindi heartland. 

Don’t know what was the exact reason that forced me to develop a passion for learning languages at such a late stage, but now I thank God that it became my favourite time pass and beniffited me. I went on a spree, did my certificate in Urdu from Jamia Islamia. Right now Learning Sanskrit again from Rashtriya Sanskrit sansthan, also tried my hand at french and learned its basic and trying to improve it further. I just put up all these facts because I believe if you get to learn a new language it doesn’t kills or suffocate your mother tounge!!  This sounds so illogical that if I would learn Hindi then I would disrespect and forget my mother tongue. I being a north Indian, Hindi is my first language but my mother tongue is Maithili (That’s also among one of the 22 official languages). I haven’t forgotten it and neither the residents of my region. So please be free yourself from this language phobia.

So what’s next..

Now here comes the interesting part. Vidya Iyer has made me crazy about south indian languages. By born she is a tamilian, born and raised in USA. her songs are amazing  be it in Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi or Hindi and obviously English too.

So I was contemplating to try my luck with any South Indian language as well😂😂. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

And it’s just a random thought and an opinion , you are free to disagree with it, I would not mind

“BE FREE.. Pallivaalu….

~ Gourav Anand

Rhythmic Words ~ 07

बुतखाने में गया तो जाना,
ग़मज़दा है हर शख्स,
कुछ ज्यादा न पाने के ग़म में।


मयखाने में गया तो जाना,
ख़ुश है बहुत से शख्स,
सब कुछ खो जाने के ग़म में।

~ गौरव आनंद




झीनी झीनी सी ये बदरिया!


झीनी झीनी सी…. ये बदरिया!!! मोह मोह के… हुयी मैं बावरिया !!! (पृष्ट भूमि में गूंजता गीत)

भर बदरा घनघोर घटा,
झरने को हैं देखो आये।
उमड़ घुमड़ कर सारे,
अम्बर पर जाकर छाये।

देख मौसम का ये कपट!
लगी वो मन ही मन मुस्काने,
चहक चहक और मटक!
यही गीत सबको लगी सुनाने।

गाती गुनगुनाती, काश!
जो पंछी बन मैं, उन्मुक्त उड़ जाती,
बाबुल तुमपे बोझ, न मैं बनने पाती।

रूनुर- झुनुर, छनन- मनन!
पायल बिछिया कंगन वो छनकाती।
क्या गली, मेढ़, घने उपवन,
नाचती खिलखिलाती बस मुस्काती।

बदरिया बरसे, मन तरसे!
रे झीनी झीनी सावन -भादो बरसाती,
मन भयो जो मतंगा, मैं भी हूँ बौराती।

अहो!! कन्या थी हो गयी मतवाली,
भींगी जो उसके मन की फुलवारी।
गालों पे ढुलकी, शर्मो-हया की लाली,
सजने लगी उसके यौवन की क्यारी।

बाँवरी, भँवरे से जा टकरा आयी,
क्या करती अब सुकुमार सी वो कुमारी,
लज़्ज़ा लिपटी, बन गयी वो रमणी नारी।

By Gouri & Gourav

© 2017: Shabd Ragini By Gouri
Unauthorized use or duplication of any material and content of this site without any written permission from this site’s author is strictly prohibited and any such malpractice would lead to legal action. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to “Gourav Anand” and “Shabd Ragini” with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


Thank You Note – 02 (Awards & Nominations)

{This post is too long and will consume a lot of your time. So read it at your own risk. (But I want them to read it bhai ~ Gouri😈😈)}

Hey, very good evening. Hope all of you are doing super and duper,😂😂 !!

(Shut up bhai, don’t behave as you are going to give a presentation. Seriously come to the point ~ Gouri)

Ok I am coming to the point.

I would like to thank all my followers and few of them as well whom I follow and they don’t although they are only four in numbers  😊😊. You all have made my blogging world colorful and wonderful

(Bad rhyming attempt bhai ~ Gouri)

Ok!! Ok!! I wouldn’t do that, don’t interrupt me now. I am writing this thank you note to those special bloggers who have nominated me from time to time in various awards categories, seriously I forgot to keep a track of them now, somehow I have managed to filter them through my comments section.

(How selfish and rude you are bhai ~ Gouri)

I know I know, it was a serious crime committed by me because till date, I never reverted back to those nominations on my blog. But please Pardon me because whenever I thought of doing so I ran out of time

(Who stopped you to be an Usian Bolt, huhhh.. ~Gouri).

I can’t describe the life of an hotelier here.

(Who told you to join, you could have been an astronaut, and gone interstellar ~ Gouri 👻👻)

Chup bhi kar maa likhne de!! Arghhhh!!

Right now I was thinking to tell all of you a little about me. But I think that would be unrelated to this note. I would do that any other day.

Awards for which I have been nominated so far :

1. Sunshine Blogger Award (Two times)
2. Versatile Blogger Award (Three times)
3. Unique Blogger Award (Two times)
4. Mystery Blogger Award (One Time)
5. Blue sky tag Blogger Award (One Time)
6. Liebster Award (One Time)

Pardon me again guys I have so messed up that I have taken screen shots of my all comment sections to find out who have all nominated me.

So now it’s time to mention those amazing bloggers who found me worthy of award nominations.

  1. Blooming Souls (Saachi)
  2. Our Mixed Box (Richa)
  3. Kshitija
  4. Aquibview
  5. Praneet Shekhar
  6. The vibrant dame (Shanthi)

All above mentioned bloggers are amazing and you would get totally mesmerized by their art of writing. They all are unique in their own way. Please do visit their blogs if you are an avid readers. But here I would mention one special person who nominated me for the first time.

She is.. she is..

(Bhai don’t be over excited ~ Gouri)

Shut up Gouri let me complete!!

And she is…

Saachi ( Blooming Souls ) What an amazing Blogger she is. You would totally get fascinated in her world of alcoholic word mixed up with amazing dose of graphics. Keep up sachi you were an inspiration for me when I started my blog. And sorry that I never replied to your Award nominations. Please spare and Pardon me for that.

(Is that the reason bhai she now don’t revert to your comments~ Gouri).

See saachi Gouri is poking me, reply her.

Answers to the questions asked

I am really sorry, because I literally forgot to keep a track of those posts, in which questions were mentioned. So that I could have compiled it right now, but I promise that from next time I would not do that mistake. 

(Hope this time you will keep your words ~ Gouri)


I don’t want to nominate any special name for any particular award category. I am just mentioning few names which have made my blogging experience colourful.

  1. Blooming Soul (Saachi) now I guess nothing left to say about her just visit her blog.
  2. Our Mixed Box (Richa) I would say she is versatile. You can feel it from her blog. She is truly the happy girl next door.
  3. The Atheist (Shayra) What most I liked about her is that she doesn’t only believes in writing, she loves to read others blog in depth as well. I am very much sure that she is one among fews who gives like only after reading the whole blog.
  4. Roseyevening (Aruna).Be it english or hindi you would love her posts. Versatile, Unique I would say.
  5. Ravish Raj. What an amazing writer he is, he weaves a scene you can’t escape from before reading it completely.

(Please spare me again because now I would not be able to describe in detail for every blogger friend but believe me you all are too close to my heart.)

  1. Heart to Soul
  2. Imperfectly perfect thoughts 
  3. Shalini
  4. Vaibz24
  5. Shriya Waves 
  6. The passionate learner
  7. Rupali
  8. Pearled Feelings 
  9. Sakshi bhojane
  10. Pritu
  11. Himanshi Shukla
  12. Dishwaryamil
  13. Nitin
  14. Kshitija
  15. Aquibview
  16. Praneet Shekhar.
  17. The surgical poetess

And For my Hindi love.

अगर मैं कहूँ की हिंदी मेरी प्राणों में बसी है तो कोई अतिशयोक्ति नहीं होगी। जो अविरल बहाव हिंदी मेरी भावनाओं को देती है वो मुझे किसी और भाषा से नहीं मिलती। मैं यहाँ उन लोगों को धन्यवाद कहना चाहूंगा जिन्होंने हिंदी भाषा को और भी गरिमा प्रदान की है।

  1. Girija Arora
  2. Devika Parekh
  3. Madhusudan
  4. Sayar_AV
  5. PK Vishvamitra
  6. Rekha sahay
  7. Mann
  8. Vaibhaw verma 

 And now it’s time for a special mention.

Roli Sharma . I would say, I am thankful to WordPress that I got to know this amazing blogger. When she writes she speaks her heart out in letters. You would just flow with her blog essence. I would request all of you to go through her posts. I know you all would thank me letter.

(Bhai I am getting sleepy will you please now stop.~ Gouri)

Ok ok baby I am just closing it.


I am just putting forward two questions for all those whose names I have mentioned in my thank you note.

1. Which type of image you perceive about me when you go through my writings and blogs (आपकी नजरों में मेरी किस प्रकार की छवि उभरती है जब आप मेरी रचनाओं को पढ़ रहे होते हैं)

2. If by any chance we would get to meet face to face, what would be your expectations from me and what would be your first question.(अगर कभी संयोगवश हमारा मिलना हुआ तो आपकी मुझसे क्या उम्मीदें होंगी, और आपका पहला सवाल क्या होगा)

I hope that’s very simple two questions. I would be waiting for your answers.

Hey Gouri now sleep in peace I am not going to disturb you.👹👹

(Ok good night bhai, don’t scare me ~ Gouri😨😨)

~ Gourav Anand (your blogger as Gouri) 

(Who is Gouri its little interesting, I would reveal her to my blog world soon. Till then let it be a Secret)

मैं परित्यक्त हूँ!(Abandoned)


विस्तृत इस जीवन पटल पर,
बिंदुओं में, मैं होता व्यक्त हूँ।
कुण्ठाओं को भी समेट कर,
मुस्कुराता क्यूँ मैं हर वक्त हूँ?

क्या मैं भाग्य से अभिशप्त हूँ?
हाँ मैं शायद एक परित्यक्त हूँ।

धूमिल से चिन्हों को जोड़ कर,
लकीरों में, मैं ढूँढता सक्त हूँ।
स्वयं पाबन्दियों में जकड़ कर,
पीता क्यूँ मैं अपना ही रक्त हूँ?

क्या मैं खोखला पात्र रिक्त हूँ?
हाँ मैं शायद एक परित्यक्त हूँ।

महाशून्य से शून्य को तोड़ कर,
शून्य में ही, मैं रहता नियुक्त हूँ।
तिरस्कारों को आत्मसात कर,
शून्य में ही क्यूँ मैं होता व्यक्त हूँ?

क्या मैं नियति से अतिरिक्त हूँ?
हाँ मैं शायद एक परित्यक्त हूँ।

टेढ़ी मेढ़ी चौहद्दियाँ चिन्हित कर,
दिशा भ्रम से, मैं तो विषाक्त हूँ।
सारे रिश्तों को तिलांजलित कर
एकाकीपन से, मैं तो आसक्त हूँ।

टूटूं या बिखर जाऊँ, मैं कहाँ अभिव्यक्त हूँ।
सदियों का खंडहर हूँ, मैं तो एक परित्यक्त हूँ।
~ ग़ौरी

© 2017: Shabd Ragini By Gouri
Unauthorized use or duplication of any material and content of this site without any written permission from this site’s author is strictly prohibited and any such malpractice would lead to legal action. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to “Gourav Anand” and “Shabd Ragini” with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Rhythmic Words – 06


Dear Readers, This is my first attempt to write something in my second language English. Please spare me for any blunder


The dark night along with,
Smouldering hot sentiments,
Suddenly gets engulfed in,
Towers of tall fiery flames.
And I felt, all my thoughts,
Within fraction of moments,
Delving deeper and deeper,
In lethal poison of blames.

(Now sky is clear with full moon, No more hallucinations and I see.)

Old memories floating and dancing,
Shaking with the waves of nostalgia.
Sitting on beach, I saw you drenching
Soaking in colourful ocean of enigma.

~ Gouri


© 2017: Shabd Ragini By Gouri
Unauthorized use or duplication of any material and content of this site without any written permission from this site’s author is strictly prohibited and any such malpractice would lead to legal action. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to “Gourav Anand” and “Shabd Ragini” with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.